Lone Seeker Many Masters

Bookworm Issue 191 Nov, 2017
Text by Shivangi Bansal

Lone Seeker Many Masters

Author: Swami Anand Arun

Truly a one-of-its-kind, Lone Seeker Many Masters is a book that takes one through a journey of a lifetime from the eyes of Bodhisattva Swami Anand Arun. It outlines his experiences, lessons, inspirations, and most importantly, his path towards enlightenment. An encyclopedic overview of the teachings of his masters is provided, along with a glimpse of their lives as experienced through the heart of a young engineer.

Revolutionaries such as Dalai Lama, Swami Vivekananda, Totapuri Baba, etc. have all left an impact on the lives of many. However, there are millions who have not been exposed to their journeys; this book acts as a pipeline to learn about spiritual and enlightened heritage.

An honest and sincere seeker, Swami Arun has shown his true love and passion to reveal the kaleidoscope of enlightened possibility. This book not only reveals about the masters, gurus, and ascetics, but also about the Swami himself. He writes, “I am well aware that not all of these stories might be justifiable to a rational mind. I am sharing them here with the hope that these accounts will give you courage to jump into the unknown and assure you that there is more to this world than meets the eye.” Swami Arun had gone through about thirty masters before finding his instant connection with Osho in 1969. Osho has been his only priority, his singular focus, and his very life. As the founder of Osho Tapoban, he shares the teachings of his masters during meditation sessions and discourses for spiritual seekers.

Commentaries towards the end of the 319-page book are dedicated to “all those seekers who have sacrificed their lives in search of truth.” Swami Arun shares rare insights into the motivations of Gandhi and Carl Jung, and why they chose not to have darshan with Sri Raman Maharshi. This depth of understanding shows the real history that cannot be found anywhere in history books. A condensed compilation of so many enlightened beings makes us look at our path and ourselves with much greater awareness and consciousness.

Lone Seeker and Many Masters is masterfully written, and is truly an honest depiction of Swami Arun’s life, lived in total surrender and gratitude. This book should definitely be in every person’s library, and is an asset to have in your homes. It makes you feel very close to the histories of these masters and helps you reflect and learn from their lives. Certainly a must-read and must-have.