Healing Aromas - A Photo Story

Text by Bibeka Bazra

“My mother, Maha Laxmi Shrestha makes about 100 packets of incense per day. I help her on days when we have more orders than usual. Personally, the aromas make me feel at peace and the making process itself is like a meditation.”, says Mallika Shrestha, a resident in Thimi. The act of burning incense has been a traditional worshiping ritual in Nepal since ancient times. It is believed to be a soothing medium of purifying space and inducing positive vibrations to the mind. One form, bateko dhup possesses Astasugandha, eight burning fragrant ingredients which includes Sal dhoop, camphor, kasturi (musk), chandan and srikhanda. The mixture is grounded into fine powder and then, rolled into lokta paper by hand to form a coiled rope shape.