NPI Collection’s Cashmere with Style

NPI Collection’s Cashmere with Style

Working with the concept of “designer pashmina”, NPI Collection has established itself as a brand that has become the first choice when it comes to cashmere products with a blend of uniqueness and contemporary design.

“It feels really great when you get to sell your Nepali cashmere products in the Chinese market, which is a giant in all other sectors,” says Mr. Sunil Shrestha, the managing director of NPI Collection. Inspired by the business sense of his father, he wanted to bring innovation into the cashmere industry of Nepal. With this objective in mind, he established NPI Collection on March 8, 2013, and four years down the line, NPI Collection has established a separate image for itself in the niche market.







Empowering women has also been a basic goal of NPI Collection, and twenty-two employees out of twenty-four are females. Conceptualized by a team of renowned fashion designers, just one look at their products can make you feel that there has been a huge innovation of creativity in cashmere design. NPI Collection believes that, from ethnic to contemporary to fusion to abstract, each design has to make an impression. For this, it primarily focuses on giving the Nepali Dhaka a fusion of European-American design, and considers this factor to be a strong side of their business, as they are the sole distributors of such blend of cashmere with design.

To make sure that their products are of the highest quality and meet the standards of demanding consumers throughout the globe, the products are designed by in-house designers and carefully crafted by master weavers. The products include scarves, stoles, shawls, throws, blankets, gloves, beanies, ponchos, etc., for both men and women. The latest ponchos in the outlet are a combo of cashmere and leather, with great color combinations. They are really appealing to the senses.

Besides a 10% discount on their products, NPI Collection has also been giving a gift to its regular customers annually as a token of love. NPI Collection looks forward to creating an innovative market for cashmere products, where one can connect it with fashion and give continuity to Nepalese legacy, as well.