More than just your usual lapel pins

Features Issue 220 Feb, 2021


The lapel pin is a men’s accessory worn on the lapel of the jacket which serves as a decorative purpose in your jacket. What if we introduce you to the pins that speak out Nepalese history with its design? We are talking about AAMO by Aayusha Shrestha which claims to be Nepal's first conceptually driven accessories brand, initiated to prioritize preserving traditional skill sets of home-based artisans. 



Manjushri Flaming Sword Pin


Manjushri is the patron deity of Newar Buddhism and is credited with draining the KathmanduValley when it was a great lake with a blow of his sword. Manjushri is identified with the primordial Buddha Svayambhu and is the root teacher of Newar Buddhist Chakrasamvara practice. Manjushri, with his right hand raising a flaming sword, poised as if ready to strike. Symbolizing the victory of enlightenment, the sword of wisdom is able to slice open conceptual veils of ignorance to reveal absolute truth, free from delusions brought on by the mundane world. The two edges of the sword illustrate the indivisible nature of the two truths, which gradually merge and then meet at the tip, in the perfection of wisdom.

Mahākāla Pin

Mahākāla is a deity common to Hinduism and Buddhism. In Hinduism, Mahākāla is a manifestation of Shiva and is the consort of the goddess Mahākālī; he most prominently appears in the Kalikula sect of Shaktism. Mahankala is a Sanskrit bahuvrihi of mahā "great" and kāla "time/death", which means "beyond time" or death. Both Mahakala and Kālī (“the power of time”) represent the ultimate destructive power of Brahman and they are not bound by any rules or regulations. They have the power to dissolve even time and space into themselves and exist as Void at the dissolution of the universe. They are responsible for the dissolution of the universe at the end of Kalpa (a relatively long period of time). Mahakala is also known as Mahakala Bhairava and Kala Bhairava in Hinduism, and many temples in India and Nepal are dedicated solely to Mahakala Bhairava.

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