Escape into Beauty

Where am I Issue 213 Aug, 2019
Text by Bibeka Bazra

I find myself gradually closing my eyes whenever I am standing before this beautiful pond, overwhelmed by love for its raw untouched nature. The sharp chirping of the birds, warm sunrays, hypnotic waves and towering trees all providing me with a larger than life experience. I feel at peace: so close to the bustling city and yet so far away from its chaos.

According to the Lalitpur Sub-Metropolitan City Office (LSMC), there are 25 pokharis in the city today, with the major ones being Prayag, Jawalakhel and Pim Bahal. This particular pond was built in the 14th century and is one of the more famous historical ponds in Patan. The ponds are not only an alternative to the city’s drinking water problem, they also help maintain the level of underground water. Through the half-through bridge, I walk to the middle of the pond with a rest area. The bridge is filled with people like me, trying to escape for a few moments from everyday life and become one with nature. On the north side of the pond is three-tiered Chandeswari Temple, built in 1663. Walk around the pond clockwise and you'll pass a 600 year old whitewashed stupa that still stands tall and beautiful. Looking down, the pond houses pink lilies with miniature tadpoles swiftly swimming underneath them. Most of the people relaxing here are of the older generation, with very few youngsters and children. Everything here seems to be moving slowly, at its own pace…

This little visit to the pond certainly gave me that escape into the vein of beauty that runs through my city. You may not always have the time to physically escape the busyness to find nature but you can take a few moments every day to let nature find you.