A new hangout for cold-pressed juice connoisseurs

Features Issue 219 Feb, 2020
Text by Sanjib Chaudhary / Photo: Prabin Mulmi


Instagram is a great place to find new places offering great food, and I came across this new hangout in Kathmandu through a promotional post there by Green Growth, the online platform supplying local and organic products. They had advertised about a sensory testing of juice extracted from Dewa apples brought from Dhye Village of Upper Mustang.

Being a food connoisseur, I headed for Juice Mandala and when I reached the place, there’s no wonder I was happy to see like-minded people waiting to be served the much awaited drink. While we waited, I took in the interior and ambiance. The neat and tidy place makes you forget the hustle and bustle of the traffic just a few meters away on the Pulchowk road.

As I gulped down my first bottle of cold-pressed Dewa apple juice, I was already longing for a second bottle. The sweet and tangy juice of apples from above 3,000 m altitude was refreshing and out of this world!

While I waited for the second bottle, I ordered some side dishes, browsing through the menu listing vegetarian and vegan snacks. Juice Mandala serves only vegetarian and vegan food, making it an an exclusive joint for vegetarians—but omnivores shouldn’t miss it, either. When the rainbow momos and tofu chilly arrived, I couldn’t stop taking picture of the amazing multi-colored momos. They looked beautiful. But they tasted much better than they looked!

While talking with Prabin Mulmi, the founder of Juice Mandala, I heard about their signature drink – ABC. “ABC Juice is the perfect combination of fruits and vegetables,” said Prabin. “It is a mixed juice of apples, beetroots, carrots, and lemons, which is probably the most liked fresh juice in all parts of the world.”


“An ABC a day keeps a doctor at bay,” he added. “If you’re feeling tired, a glass of ABC will give you instant energy. The perfect combination with punch of lemon goes smoothly to detoxify your liver overnight. Its powerful freshness helps you reduce a hangover headache. If you are down and in need of a boost of freshness, fresh ABC juice is the one to go for.”

As a part of promoting juice culture, they offer seasonal fruit drinks and currently the one available is the juice of fresh junar from Sindhuli. “The juices are cold-pressed and pasteurization-free with no artificial ingredients, no additional sugar, and no preservatives added,” said Prabin.

So when you pass by Damkal Chowk in the Pulchowk area, step in at Juice Mandala to tingle your taste-buds and boost your health!