A Space for Culture, Exercise, and Making Memories

Where am I Issue 218 Jan, 2020
Text by Circle

Undoubtedly it is one of the key locations of historic importance in Patan. Alongside the Kathmandu valley itself, once a year this place comes alive with its real and vibrant side, as hundreds of people from but Patan and beyond come to witness the sporty and cultural aspect of the auspicious festival Ghode Jatra. Here, on this day, watching only one horse equally drunk as the rider himself gallop through is an exciting sight and a fond memory to many. In between it also hosts numerous other events, including pujas of the family gods of numerous families; there are many stone figures surrounded by concrete walls on three sides that portray gods inside the premises of its temples. Family members visit here for their annual prayer rituals and these days are often combined with a picnic afterwards and merry time spent together. Throughout the rest of the year, though, this place, not far Kathmandu University School Of Management (KUSOM), serves many different purposes however.

Mornings and evenings are vibrantly busy and attract a large number of people from nearby communities; this space is decently large and enclosed by lush greenery, an ideal venue for people looking to get some fresh air. The rather flat surface at the center, roughly the size of a football arena, serves as a perfect spot for health-conscious people who are into various sorts of physical fitness. An early morning here would see a lot of walks, jogging, and exercises including different forms of yoga, badminton matches and most players capturing half or more of the area playing football. The place has historically been serving as a venue for local football matches as well, and I’m sure most people from the area have grown up playing football here.

Besides this, a large number of monkeys and a few species of birds can be spotted here during the daytime, hours where people use the space for leisure, and families and kindergartens host picnics time and again; the lush greenery all around and ample space at the center makes this place a pleasant practical space for all sort of activities. Couples come on dates and groups of people hang out in the winter, basking in the sun and having a chat. The center also boasts a large statue of Buddha that has been placed here not so long ago, which has started to see a lot of Buddhist visitors as well.

Located roughly ten minutes’ walk away from Patan Durbar Square and at the very end of Patan itself, this place is one of the few open landmarks of this scale currently in Patan. It offers something for everyone, to be honest, and at every time phase throughout the day. A place of historic and cultural importance, it has been able to serve peoples’ needs in day to day life and has evolved accordingly to be a practically significant one as well. It’s a landmark that everyone from Patan recognizes; a place where families have made memories, where people have taken refuge at times, where new friends have been made, where many players have started out in their early days and a place where people have improved their health. It is is much more than just a park of cultural importance; a day spent here would showcase this far better than words can describe.