Newa Chen

Experience Issue 196 Mar, 2018
Text by ECS Staff

"Mind your head," is what greets you when you enter through the small, low door. You'll have to bend down to enter, but once you do, you'll feel as if you're home. Once  inside, you’re immediately pulled into this comfortable environment of peace and calm, a feeling not many hotels or guest houses can offer you. And that's the difference between Newa Chén and others – you get to stay in a culturally intact house preserved in all its originality in a warm family atmosphere.

An old traditional house, some 300 years old, it was restored to all its original glory under a UNESCO project in 2006. And over the 11 years of its establishment, Newa Chén has become a popular home away from home for tourists, especially Europeans. With reasonable pricing, this bed ‘n breakfast offers various types of rooms for varying visitors’ needs.  Though not listed on the tourism sites, this place remains ever popular among tourists through word-of-mouth.

And the reason behind that is what it offers, a chance to experience the old, ancient culture and heritage first hand. The old house seems as if it has been untouched throughout these centuries, Small doors, wooden décor with intricate carvings and those aakhijhyals. Even the furniture makes use of woven mats, made out of coir, or sukuls and gundri. There are 8 rooms here, each of which are named after the eight auspicious signs of the Asthamangal. There's also a gallery that promotes local talent, with works available for purchase if you like. You can also enjoy your free time in a mini-library that resembles a pati. All in all, what you get here is a quality experience. pleasing both for the eyes and your soul.