Fun N Learn @ The Last Resort

Experience Issue 197 Apr, 2018
Text by ECS Staff

We make, learning about leadership and teambuilding programs to various corporate houses because they are experiential, challenging and fun

Adventure learning at The Last Resort pushes back the boundaries of your imagination and embark on a journey of exploration and discovery! The Last Resort, Nepal’s internationally renowned center for personnel development programs, teambuilding programs or various leadership training programs, has been providing powerful and timely learning opportunities for corporate staff members from around the globe for the past fifteen years.

The challenges we face today in a corporate world are increasingly demanding, complex and often unpredictable. They require teams to change – to think and work in new and effective ways. Individuals are required to realize their true potentials by ever stretching out of their comfort zone and achieving more than they even thought possible.

We offer various customized programs focusing on leadership skills, communication skills, team work and group dynamics which encourages learning though experience. Experience of various adventure sports and other fun and exciting challenges. The Last Resort organizes a wide range of one day and multi day personnel development and team building programs. They integrate adventure sports into these programs, which not only bring teams together and improve their various skills like leadership, communication, problem solving etc but also encourage participants to stretch out of their comfort zones. Programs like these, designed by experts with years of experience, motivate participants to take calculated risks, trust themselves and their team members around them. We incorporate adventure activities like canyoning, rafting, tandem swing, rock climbing, abseiling etc in programs tailor made to meet various organizations needs and their expectations. The ultimate goal of these programs is to help participants learn more about themselves, and extend their self-perception of their own abilities and responsibilities. The Last Resort invites all to push back the boundaries of their imagination and embark on a fantastic journey of exploration and discovery!